What Jennifer Stands For

This election isn't about the past, it's about the present and the future.  It's about creating the vibrant Eglinton-Lawrence we want and deserve.

This is how we'll deliver it together:

Respect for Our City. HERE.

The upcoming municipal and trustee elections are no longer about partisanship, or small tents, or side issues.  They’re about our right to decide the kind of city we live in, its ability to serve us, and our ability to have our say through our local representatives.

It means I’ll be here – right here – in Eglinton-Lawrence, to serve and represent you better, and be active and visible in our community. HERE and present to DELIVER for all parts of our community.  Now and for years to come.

Smarter Development.  HERE.

Our neighbourhoods are going to grow and develop stronger together, because as our next City Councillor I’ll be here protecting and expanding our parks and green spaces. 

It also means that I’ll deliver transparent and inclusive consultations, with tangible community benefits, so that services and amenities are more accessible to everyone. And I’ll also be here working to deliver more childcare spaces for Eglinton-Lawrence families.

Vibrant Neighbourhoods. HERE.

Eglinton-Lawrence’s neighbourhoods deserve to be the crown jewels of Toronto – and as our next City Councillor I’ll work to deliver investments in our neighbourhoods, streetscape improvements, Transform Yonge and Transform Avenue. 

I’ll also stand up for more community policing and gun control now, and a better support strategy for the businesses and families here who’ve been significantly impacted by the endless Eglinton construction disruption. 

More Transit and Less Gridlock.  HERE.

More transit and less gridlock are the keys to prosperity for our families and businesses here in Eglinton-Lawrence.  As our next City Councilor, I’ll stand up to deliver immediate support for building the Downtown Relief Line now, so it will relieve subway overcrowding and ease gridlock here in our neighbourhoods. 

I’ll also move immediately to reign in and speed up the endless Eglinton construction disruption.  And standing up for our hard-earned tax dollars means building LRTs where they’re needed and subways where they make financial sense.

That’s how we’ll more forward together and get back on the right track.