Jennifer Arp has been here in Eglinton-Lawrence, standing up for our values and delivering results since she was elected our public school board trustee in 2014.  Being active, involved, and working for people is her lifelong passion: before earning office, Jennifer volunteered as School Council Chair, where she fought to help parents become more engaged in their children’s education.  
As an elected representative, she was chosen by her fellow Trustees to be Vice-Chair of the TDSB and Co-Chair its Equity Policy Advisory Committee, where she worked to create the Enhancing Equity Task Force. More importantly, she stood up for the community here in Eglinton-Lawrence, and led the fight to save the green space at Bannockburn Park.  
Jennifer has been a community organizer and politically active for more than 20 years, including working for Cabinet ministers at the federal and provincial levels.  More recently, she spent five years as a small business owner in the Glen Park Neighbourhood.
Her career has spanned three of the four levels of elected office -- giving her knowledge and experience which make her uniquely able to deliver for Eglinton-Lawrence.