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Jennifer Arp

For Eglinton-Lawrence

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Great things happen when we work together.

It’s time to move forward together, build together, and progress together. Right here, in Ward 14 – for a change.

I’m Jennifer Arp and I’m running to deliver results as your next city councillor.

I’m running because it’s time to roll up our sleeves, it’s time to progress forward, and it’s time for strong local leadership again.

Together we'll improve our transit, preserve our Eglinton-Lawrence character, build stronger BIA’s, ensure appropriate development, and build the vibrant neighbourhoods and communities we deserve.

I’m here for you, and ready to deliver.

Latest News

My Time as Trustee

Jun 15, 2018

In 2014, when I was elected the Trustee for Eglinton-Lawrence, the TDSB was facing numerous challenges. The Board was plagued with many governance-related issues and here in our community, we were facing the potential sale of a community greenspace, and many schools that where kids needs were not being met....


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